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Carbon Engineering’s permanent staff is composed of a group of experienced professionals, specializing in structural and hydraulic engineering, hydrology, technical drawing and administration. The team also benefits from collaborating specialists in topography; geology; geotechnical, environmental, economic, mechanical and electric power engineering who conform teams for specific projects.


Oscar Jiménez

Oscar has been a member of Carbon Engineering’s team for 17 years. He previously worked as an engineer for the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE, by its Spanish acronym) for 25 years. He holds a Master’s degree in Hydraulic Engineering from Washington State University, and has authored or co-authored over 30 articles for magazines or professional seminars related to Hydraulic Engineering.

Currently, Oscar is in charge of coordinating professional teams and Carbon’s general management. His technical specialties are Hydraulics and Hydrology, and has vast experience in every planning stage, feasibility studies and design for wind-powered and hydroelectric projects.

He has worked as a consultant for diverse energy projects, flood protection systems, and bridges in the Dominican Republic, Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Bolivia and Costa Rica for institutions such as the World Bank and IDB.


José Pablo Porras

José Pablo is a civil engineer, who graduated from Universidad de Costa Rica in 1999. He specialized in Hydraulic Engineering, Water Resource Engineering and Hydrology, with a Master’s degree (M.Sc.) in Hydraulic Engineering from UNESCO-IHE (2001), and an academic doctorate degree (EngD) from Technische Universität München in Munich, Germany (2007), where he worked as a research assistant and academic consultant for 3 years. He has worked for 18 years developing hydraulic designs, hydrological and hydraulic pre-feasibility and feasibility studies for hydroelectric power projects, and in the design and engineering of specialized civil works.


Gabriela Arce

Gabriela has been a part of Carbon Engineering for 17 of her 19 years of experience as a civil engineer, interrupted solely by her graduate studies at the University of Texas, Austin. Her technical specialty is structural design with an emphasis on seismic design.

She has been in charge of designing a vast array of civil works for hydroelectric projects, industrial facilities and special infrastructure projects. Her technical expertise gets incorporated in the design of projects located in high seismic hazard locations.

Gabriela is a member of the steel structures technical committee for the Costa Rican Seismic Code, coauthored chapter 10 of the 2010 Code and remains active in the planning of future guidelines for the design of steel-based seismic structures.


Tatiana Vargas

Tatiana has over 13 years of professional experience, after graduating as a civil engineer from Universidad de Costa Rica and has completed coursework towards the obtention of her Master’s degree in Structural Engineering from the Universidad de Costa Rica.

She has worked for Carbon Engineering for 13 years, developing structural design for hydroelectric project civil works, wind power projects’ BoP development and optimization, and special structures’ foundation design.


William Porras

William has over 25 years of experience as a civil engineer. An alumni from Universidad de Costa Rica, William worked for 15 years at ICE’s structural engineering department in hydroelectric project design. His vast experience includes the design of dams, powerhouses and surge tanks, conduction tunnels and other kinds of special infrastructure. William has a profound knowledge of seismic design and finite element structural models, applied to projects developed in high seismic hazard locations. He has been a member of the Carbon Engineering team for the last 10 years.


Erika Faith
Civil Engineer

Erika is a civil engineer who has collaborated with Carbon Engineering for 8 of her 36 years of professional experience, with graduate studies in seismic structural design from the University of Skopje, former Yugoslavia, and diverse coursework in ISO norms 9000, 14000 and INTE-ISO 18000

She has been responsible of team coordination for the structural of power generation projects and the implementation of quality and environmental assurance, and risk management programs.

Erika worked for 29 years as head of quality assurance for the Power Generation Unit of ICE.


Esteban Aguilera
Civil Engineer

Esteban earned his civil engineering degree from Universidad de Costa Rica in 2010, specializing in structures and hydraulics.

He is in the process of obtaining his Master’s degree in hydraulic engineering from Universidad de Costa Rica. He has broadened his knowledge of structural design by taking on the design of several relevant projects, such as engine house substructures.

Esteban has been a member of the Carbon Engineering Team since 2011, working mostly in the various design stages of hydroelectric project civil works and runoff management systems for wind power and hydroelectric projects, along with the development of hydrological and feasibility studies for new hydroelectric powers.

In recent years, Esteban has rounded up his knowledge by doing coursework on topics such as wooden structure and prestressed concrete design.


María José Chacón
Civil Engineer

María José holds a Civil Engineering degree from Universidad de Costa Rica, with emphasis on structural design, hydraulics, hydrology and ground engineering. Her expertise has been applied to the structural design of hydroelectric projects’ civil works, the development of eligibility, feasibility and hydrological studies, and the creation of hydraulic models for bridges and other civil works.



Graduated from the University of Costa Rica, currently studying the Professional Master's Degree in Geotechnical Engineering at this same university. Joined CFIA since 2012 and is active member of the Costa Rican Geotechnical Association since 2016. He currently works at CARBON Ingeniería as a designer engineer, specialized in the area of geotechnics. He has participated in the geo-mechanical characterization of soils and rock masses for use as foundation and / or construction materials in different hydroelectric projects, as well as in the design of geotechnical works in their different stages. In addition, he has been in charge of auscultation of concrete and loose materials dams, large channels and active landslides.



She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Costa Rica, with emphasis in the areas of structural design, geotechnics, hydraulics and hydrology.

She has enrolled free courses such as design of wood structures and design of metal structures in order to complement the knowledge acquired during the degree. It also has programming skills and calculations automation.

Marisol completed her professional practice at CARBON in 2015 and, starting in 2016, she works as an engineer. In this period, she has participated in the development of hydrological studies and hydraulic models.



He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Costa Rica, focused on the areas of structural design, hydraulics and hydrology and geotechnics.

Currently in CARBON his work has been oriented to the design of civil works for hydroelectric projects, including stages of implantation and hydraulic and structural design of the works.

Prior to his experience in CARBON, he was in charge of the civil design oriented to tourist projects, where he was in charge of the design of stormwater management systems, sanitary systems, drinking water supply and fire systems.

As part of his professional experience, Marco has a certification in Site Inspection of Concrete Works - Grade I, granted by the American Concrete Institute, by its acronym in English ACI. In addition, it has expanded its knowledge in the management of satellite images, the application of spectral bands to them, and geographic information management.


Luis Enrique Salas
Head Draftsman

Luis Enrique has 24 years of professional experience. He holds a technical degree in drawing for engineering and architecture from Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica. He previously worked for the Civil Engineering department at ICE and has been a member of Carbon Engineering’s team for 19 years, where he has participated in several stages of the process, from the conceptualization of each project to the development and quality control in construction planning.


Paula Gómez

Paula graduated as a mid-level drawing technician, specializing in architectural drawing. She has 12 years of experience in civil engineering, architectural and electrical drawing. Paula has been a team member at Carbon for 9 years, applying he expertise to civil drawing for power generation projects.


David Mora

David has 10 years of experience in technical drawing, with outstanding skills in 2D and 3D architectural software tools. During his 5 years at Carbon Engineering, David has mostly worked in construction planning for power generation projects, the development of 3D models for visualization and structure quantification, and providing support in architectural aspects of every project. He is working on his thesis in order to graduate as a licensed architect.


Gina Gamboa

Two years experience in the drawings of civil Works of hydroelectric projects, using software like AUTOCAD and REVIT. Actually is studying Civil Engineering.



Marlon has worked for CARBON Ingeniería for 1 year, in charge of the elaboration of construction drawings of civil works for hydroelectric projects. He has 7 years of experience acquired for his participation as a freelance draftsman in several projects at national and international level in different engineering companies.



Graduated from the Technical College Monseñor Sanabria as a technician in the specialty of architectural drawing, she has 5 years of experience in the drawing of architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical plans. She has been part of the CARBON engineering team for a year, using drawing programs such as AutoCAD and AutoCAD Civil 3D and is currently studying for a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering.



Technician of the specialty of Architectural Drawing, with 4 years of experience in the elaboration of drawings of hydraulic and structural works.





Lucía Segura

Lucía has 20 years of experience as a private accountant and holds a Public Accounting degree. She has been a member of the team for 10 years, carrying out administrative tasks and bookkeeping.




Yilania Murillo
Administrative Assistant

Yilania has more than 10 years of experience in customer service and administrative area. She has been working at Carbon Ingeniería since 2016 and it is in charge of supplier care and administrative support to the engineering, accounting and drawing departments.



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