Río Hondo Hydroelectric Plant, 34 MW

RÍO HONDO Hydroelectric Plant

Río Hondo feeds on the Colorado River’s hydroelectric potential from elevation range between 1,297 masl and 257 masl. It is located in the southeastern region of Guatemala . A 31 m high concrete gravity dam will be constructed, creating a reservoir with a useful volume of 1.215 million m3 and a maximum oscillation of 13 m. A 943 m low pressure tunnel starts at the dam site ( Tunnel 1) followed by a 3,295 m penstock conducing to the powerhouse . Maximum gross head of the project is 1063.97 m, and the corresponding design flow 3.89 m3 / s ,

Maximum gross head 1063.97 m

CARBON Engineering was hired by Ghella Spa to perform the basic design study for the development of technical information of the civil works for bidding documents . This study includes topographic, geological and geotechnical studies, hydrological studies , hydraulic design of the works and basic structural design, along with hydrolectric generation studies , budget and economic analysis.

Project Information

Type: Hydroelectric
Status: Preliminary studies


Installed capacity: 34 MW


Client: Ghella Spa
Location: Departament of Zacapa, Guatemala

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