Dos Mares, 118 MW

DOS MARES Hydrolectric Plant

GDF Suez developed Dos mares Hydroelectric Complex in the Chiriquí province, Panama, made up of 3 plants located in a cascade formation for run-of-the river electric generation, with a total installed capacity of 118 MW. The project utilizes water discharge from Estí Hydroelectric Plant, in addition to benefitting from the flow of Estí, Cochea and Papayal rivers. The projects are of similar nature, with open channel flow, a 26 km long adduction and restitution channel system and power houses located down stream from the water intake points.

Cascade formation plant with 26 km long channel system

CARBON Engineering was hired by GDF Suez Energy, Central America for technical revision and recommendations for improving safety and performance of the existing complex.

Project Information

Type: hydroelectric
Status: operating since 2010


Installed capacity: 118 MW


Client: GDF Suez Energy, Central America
Location: Chiriqui Province, Panama

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