Pando y MonteLirio, 84 MW

Hydrolectric Plant PANDO Y MONTE LIRIO

Pando and Monte Lirio projects make up a cascade formation development sourcing from the Chiriquí Viejo river’s middle basin. Pando HP is a 32m high dam with a daily regulating reservoir, with 440.000 m3 useful volume, a conduction tunnel, pressure piping system, a half-buried surge drum and a power house discharging water from 947 mamsl, establishing a gross head of 275 m, with an installed capacity of 32.9 MW. Monte Lirio is located immediately downstream from Pando HP, and it consists of a 15m high dam, conduction tunnel, a half-buried surge drum, pressure piping and power house, with a net head of 280 m. for an installed capacity of 50.4 MW.

Cascade formation complex sourcing from the Chiriquí Viejo river’s middle basin

CARBON Engineering was hired by Electron Investment for pre-feasibility study conduction, including topography, geological, hydrological, geotechnical studies, alternative investment and generation analysis, budgeting and economic analysis.

Project Information

Type: hydroelectric
Status: under construction


Installed capacity: 84 MW


Client: Electron Investment S.A.
Location: Chiriqui Province, Panama

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