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Services for the Renewable Energy Sector

Energías Renovables

Service provision for the energy sector is the corner stone of our organization. We specialize in engineering for renewable energy obtention and integrate technical knowledge and extensive experience in energy project development.

CARBON engineering provides consulting services for every stage of a project’s cycle. Our services encompass activities ranging from early site recognition and pre-investment study conduction, to construction planning and follow-up.


    • Water resource evaluation
    • Hydrological analysis
    • Power generation evaluation
    • Engineering services
    • Construction site inspections
    • Value engineering
    • Site selection (micro-siting) and power production evaluation
    • Cost estimation and budgeting
    • Market analysis
    • Eligibility, pre-feasibility and feasibility analysis
    • Balance of Plant (BoP) design
    • Civil engineering and basic design services
    • Financial due diligence consulting


Central America is endowed with vast potential for hydropower generation, most of it still unexploited. The development of hydropower projects requires specialization in applied engineering and thorough knowledge and understanding of social, economic, environmental and hydrological conditions. 



After a decade of entering the wind power industry, Carbon Engineering has accomplished great success in BoP development (electric and civil infrastructure). Commercial alliances have been built with air generator providers for foundation design, adapting technical requirements to specific project sites.



The Central American region is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, characterized by intense volcanic activity. Internal heat of the Earth’s crust is utilized as a source of low environmental impact energy. Carbon Engineering gets involved in project implementation, BoP and civil works construction. 


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