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Cuyamapa, 13 MW

CUYAMAPA hydroelectric plant

This hydroelectric project is located about 8 km northeast of the Subirana community in the Department of Yoro. It consists of a main intake structure on the Cuyamapa river, with a concrete gravity dam of 25 m maximum height with bottom discharge. Water is conducted through a fiberglass reinforced polyethylene pipe to a 1186 m long tunnel, leading to a surge tank and pressure line. The powerhouse has 2 horizontal shaft, two-jet Pelton turbines using a gross head of 369 m.

The powerhouse has 2 Pelton turbines and a 369m gross head.

CARBON Engineering was contracted by Grupo Terra to develop the final design, construction plans for civil works, and gates.

Project Information

Type: hydroelectric
Status: In operation since January 2006


Installed capacity: 13 MW


Client: Terra Group
Location: Departament of Yoro, Honduras