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Los Laureles, 4.8 MW

LAURELES hydroelectric plant

This hydroelectric project has a gross head of 78m and uses water from the San Juan river. It consists of a concrete dam with overflow spillway, lateral intake and desander structure. The water is conducted through a low pressure steel pipe, followed by a 640 m long headrace tunnel to a pressure chamber serving as intake site for the pressure pipeline. The powerhouse has 2 horizontal-shaft Francis turbines.

Tunnel in metamorphic rocks with a diameter of 3.45 m

CARBON Engineering was hired by Genera S.A. de C.V. for the feasibility study, final design , construction plans of civil works and technical inspection of the project.

Project Information

Type: hydroelectric
Status: In operation since January 2014


Installed capacity: 4.8 MW


Client: Genera S.A. de C.V.
Location: Departament of Atlántida, Honduras