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Negros II - 27MW

NEGROS II Hydroelectric Plant

Hydroelectric project with a design flow of 24.5 m3 / s and a gross head of 136 m. It has two horizontal axis Francis turbines.

Second stage of two projects in cascade, with a 2300 m long tunnel

CARBON Ingeniería was contracted by Hidroeléctrica Cuatro Bocas S.A. to carry out the feasibility, and the final design of the civil works and the floodgates as well. The plant is owned by the Servicios Públicos de Heredia.

Project Information

Type: Hydroelectric Plant
Status: Under construction (2017)


Installed capacity: 27.8 MW


Client: Hidroeléctrica Cuatro Bocas S.A.
Location: Upala, Costa Rica