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SANTA LUCÍA hydroelectric plant

Hydroelectric Project on the Cuyamel River and its tributary La Ruidosa Stream. The design flow is 1.6 m3 / s and the net head is 438.3 m. It has a main diversion dam and two other minor diversion. It has a pipeline of 1.3m diameter and 1425 m of length of steel, followed by a tunnel of 489 m length with semicircular vault section. It continues with another section of pipeline of 2269 m of length until a reservoir of hourly regulation. The penstock is 800 mm in diameter and 1718 m in length, made of steel type of the Duktus type. It ends at the powerhouse that houses 1 Pelton turbine.

Vertical axis Pelton turbine with 5 jets

CARBON Ingeniería was hired by Hidroeléctrica Cuyagual S.A. to carry out the feasibility, the final design of civil works, the technical specifications of equipment and civil works, the budget and bill of quantities.

Project Information

Type: hydroelectric
Status: under construction


Installed Capacity: 6.1 MW


Client: Hidroeléctrica Cuyagual S.A. de C.V.
Location: Departaments of Cortes and Santa Bárbara, Honduras