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Piedra Candela, 1.1 MW

CANDELA I y II hydroelectric plant

Two small hydroelectric developments in cascade formation on the Candela river. The P.H. Candela I, already built, consists of a lateral intake structure, desander, antechamber, penstock and powerhouse with an installed capacity of 0.53 MW. The design flow is 0.95 m3 / s and has a 75 m net head. The P.H. Candela II, located upstream of the first development will utilize a 0.95 m3 / s volume and will have a gross head of 76 m, for an installed capacity of 0.6 MW, and an expected average annual generation of 2.2 GW-h . It will have a lateral intake structure with desander, a 900 m long conveyor pipe, antechamber and 850 m long pressure pipe in fiberglass reinforced polyethylene. The powerhouse will host one Banki turbine, and will exhaust directly to PH Candela I catchment site.

Candela I was the first small hydroeletric plant to operate in the wholesale market

In both projects, CARBON Engineering was in charge of the feasibility study and design, final design of civil works and gates, including construction planning. In the case of P.H. Candela I, the progress of the construction works was monitored.

Project Information

Type: hydroelectric
Status: In operation since 2006 (Candela I) and planning (Candela II)


Installed capacity: 0,53 y 0,6 MW


Client: Café de Eleta
Location: Provincia de Chiriquí, Panamá