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TAPALWÁS Hydroelectric Plant

The Project diverts the waters of the Siquia, tributary of the Escondido river. It consists of a low-level dam with a desander, a trapezoidal open canal, a headpond, two pressure pipes, and powerhouse for two Kaplan units. It has a design flow of 20 m3/s and a net head of 27.4 m. The average annual generation is 22 GWh and the installed capacity of 4.6 MW.

Two Kaplan turbines with vertical axis

CARBON Ingeniería was contracted by Inversiones Energéticas Tapalwás, S.A. (INVERTASA) to carry out the feasibility study, the final design, the technical specifications, and the bid documentation.

Project Infor

Tipo: Hydroelectric
Status: in planning


Installed Capacity:
4.6 MW


Inversiones Energéticas Tapalwás, S.A. (INVERTASA)
Location: Chontales, Nicaragua