Chocosuela III, 5 MW

CHOCOSUELA III hydroelectric plant

This hydroelectric project is located downstream from Chocosuela II using its exhaust through a channel carrying the water to an hourly compensation reservoir. The water is then led to an antechamber and pressure pipeline with a net head of 99 m. The powerhouse has a Francis turbine for an installed capacity of 5 MW.

Third stage of a cascade project with a total installed capacity of 25 MW.

CARBON Engineering was hired by Edificadora Beta S.A. for the final design and construction plans for civil works including gates. The plant is owned by Coopelesca R.L. and started operating in 2003.

Project Information

Type: hydroelectric
Status: in operation


Installed capacity: 5 MW


Client: Edificadora Beta S.A.
Location: Ciudad Quesada, Costa Rica

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    Oficentro Alquimia, 100 mts south from John Deere’s dealership
    La Uruca, San José, Costa Rica.
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