Río Mico, 70 MW

RÍO MICO Hydrolectric Plant

A 3 project cascade formation development located in Mico river’s middle basin. The projects have similar characteristics, with approximately 50m high gravity dams, diversion tunnels.

HP is a 32m high dam with a daily regulating reservoir, with 440.000 m3 useful volume, a conduction tunnel, pressure piping system, a half-buried surge drum and a power house discharging water from 947 mamsl, establishing a gross head of 275 m, with an installed capacity of 32.9 MW. Monte Lirio is located immediately downstream from Pando HP, and it consists of a 15m high dam, conduction tunnel, a half-buried surge drum, pressure piping and power house, with a net head of 280 m. for an installed capacity of 50.4 MW, gated spillways, and power houses at the base of the dam. The 3 projects are: Consuelo (21 MW), Piedra Cajón (22 MW), and Los Cangiles (27 MW).

Cascade formation development made up of 3 hyroelectric projects located in the Nico river basin

CARBON Engineering was hired by Grupo Sarete for pre-feasibility studies’ revision and preliminary design.

Project Information

Type: hydroelectric
Status: devoloping


Installed capacity: 70 MW


Client: Grupo Saret S.A.
Location: Chontales, Nicaragua

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